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There is an incomparable energy in our Little Ones classroom that you will surely notice the moment you step into our learning environment! Natural furnishings & muted color schemes promote feelings of peacefulness in our physical environment. Windows allow ample natural light. Wild Orange & Ginger aromas uplift mind & body. Learning materials are engaging, easily assessable & ready for exploration. Each item hand selected to reinforce a specific developmental goal or skill set. Children are encouraged to take charge of the world around them as they make sense of their surroundings through exploration! Along with utilizing our classroom as a third teacher, our innovative & knowledgeable educators have developed a unique curriculum with emphasis on the “whole child.” The world we live in is absolutely fascinating through the eyes of a young child. It is our belief that each child already possess the necessary skills to grow & develop. Our responsibility as educators is to provide each child with a safe, secure & inspiring environment to utilize these skills not only to grow but to flourish!

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