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Our Preschool learning environment is truly captivating! Every piece of our classroom has been intentionally designed to meet the developmental needs of children three & four years of age. Notice the natural light which fosters productivity pouring in from our many classroom windows, or our mindfully selected color schemes which promote feelings of inspiration & motivation. Every material has been selected with a specific skill set in mind & beautifully displayed for easy accessibility at the child’s level. As the children explore their surroundings inhale the aromas of cedarwood & lavender which help improve focus & reduce stress.  Each child acts as their own teacher in our holistic learning environment & has the freedom to explore materials that nurture their innate sense of curiosity. By allowing the child to act as a guide to her own learning, the child can make more meaningful connections to the world around them! Our preschool educators further reinforce these connections by developing & implementing lessons & activities based on the children’s interests. It is our belief that children are capable beings who already possess the knowledge to grow & develop. Our responsibility is to provide opportunities for each child to explore this knowledge in a safe, secure & inspiring environment!

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