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Our Philosophy

At first glance, our school may appear to be small but once you take a closer look, you’ll see our mission is big. In fact, it may even appear to be growing! The Nest utilizes a holistic approach to fostering the development of the whole child. Rather than focusing on what the child is learning we focus on how the child is learning.


We do this by providing children with quality experiences that nurture their natural curiosity to learn. Children are never confined to tables when lessons are implemented. Classroom curriculums aren’t limited to one particular theme. Children aren’t told to stop working on an activity they’ve made progress on because their activity time has ended. Our educators will never take away opportunities for a child to learn from their mistakes by offering only moderate challenges & intervening at the first signs of frustration.


At The Nest we recognize that each child is unique, which is why our mission is unique. We follow a progressive curriculum & utilize our learning environments as third teachers, which fosters growth & motivates each child to be resourceful, take initiative, innovate, adapt & be inspired by overcoming challenges.


The Nest invites parents & children alike to come in & observe our classrooms, meet our dedicated team of early childhood professionals & experience all the exciting things The Nest has to offer firsthand!  We are looking forward to partnering with the children & families of Merrimack & its surrounding communities & hope a visit will captivate & inspire your curiosity!

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